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Art Ability
Generocity: Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital showcases the work of artists with disabilities (12/2/19)
Main Line Today: This Art Show Features Works Exclusively by Artists with Disabilities (12/6/19)
Main Line Media News: Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital’s Art Ability Preview Event nets over $325,000 (11/22/19)
Delco Today: Bryn Mawr Rehab’s Art Ability Helps People with Disabilities Find Inspiration Through Art (10/23/19)

6 ABC: Art Ability show at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital celebrates artists with disabilities (10/24/19)
Daily Local News: Bryn MawRehab Hospital's Art Ability party raises $245,600 (12/5/18)

Out Of Frame
Philly Tech Week: Out Of Frame (4/28/16)
WHYY Newsworks Tonight: Philly Tech Week exhibit disrupts technology in the name of art (4/28/16)
YIKES News: Philly Tech Week 2016 (4/25/16)

AIGA Philadelphia: Design2Unite
Fox29 News: Design2Unite: Local group of artists hope to unite people (2/6/17)
Spirit News: February First Friday: A Night of Audio, Visual, and Lavatory Art (2/8/17)
Philly Egotist: AIGA Promotes Unity and Inclusions with #Design2Unite Exhibit (1/3/17)
The Philadelphia Citizen: Submit Art to Stop Hate (1/20/17)

Get Out The Vote

Google Arts & Culture: AIGA Get Out the Vote 2016
Graphic Design USA: AIGA Get Out The Vote Posters to Attend Party Conventions
Slate: Designers Across America Create Free Posters Urging People to Vote (8/17/16)
Design Week: AIGA Get Out The Vote poster campaign looks to activate US voters (7/11/16)
uwishunu: Where to Celebrate First Friday in Philly on August 5 (8/4/16)
Courier Post: City Hall exhibit's message - VOTE (7/28/16)
Flying Kite Media: Philly 3 for all... AIGA urges GOTV (6/28/16)
Philly PR Girl: This Week in Philly (7/5/16)
AIGA: AIGA Gets Out The Vote - Philadelphia Exhibit (7/20/16)

MathThematic: a fine art exhibition Press Release
DesignPhiladelphia: MathThematic: a fine art exhibition
Philly Voice: Math inspires art at Esther Klein Gallery (10/5/15)
Geekadelphia: MathThematic at Esther Klein Gallery Draws Crowds for Math in Art (9/24/15)
WHYY Newsworks Entertainment Guide: MathThematic (10/7/15)
Weekly Press: MathThematic: A Fine Art Exhibtion (9/30/15)
Philly Egotist: MathThematic: A Fine Art Exhibition (9/28/15)
UPenn Almanac: MathThematic at Esther Klein Gallery (10/13/15)
uwishunu: Long Weekend Picks, Columbus Day Edition (10/9/15)
The Artblog: The 2015 Liberta Awards! (People's Choice: Best Exhibtion, 12/18/15)
Esther Klein Gallery: MathThematic

Unexpected Finds
Global Philadelphia: Photography Pop-Up at CRUXspace, curated by Gaby Heit (10/31/14)
Philadelphia Egotist: "Unexpected Finds" Photography Pop-Up at CRUXspace (10/30/14)

The Art of Science: Cellular/Molecular Exhibition Press Release (3/28/13)
With Art Philadelphia: Top Picks for April (4/2/13)
Knight Arts: EKG’s “Cellular/Molecular” Alongside Philadelphia Science Festival (4/18/13)
InLiquid: Breadboard Discovers the Art of the Petri Dish (5/3/13)
Art Attack: Biology Inspired Aesthetics (4/22/13)
Drexel Cultural Passport: Biology Inspired (4/17/13)
WHYY Entertainment Guide: The Art of Science: Cellular/Molecular (4/26/13)
Flying Kite Media: Philadelphia Science Festival (4/16/13)
Philadelphia Weekly: ART: Cellular/Molecular Exhibition (4/29/13)
Weekly Press: The Art of Science: Cellular/Molecular Opens at EKG (4/3/13)
Art In New York City: The Art of Science: Cellular/Molecular Opens at EKG, Phila. (4/27/13)

Le Méridien
City Paper: Curator: The Hotel Lobby… (4/6/12)
Knight Arts: Le Meridien Showcases Painting and Video (5/10/12)
uwishunu: Le Meridien Hotel to Host a Special Free Local Art Exhibit (8/2/12)
Hola Ciudad: “Arte en el Le Meridien” Con Sandra Benhaim (8/3/12)
City Paper: First Friday Focus (1/4/13)
Knight Arts: Le Meridien Hotel Gets a New Look with Local Artists (7/30/13)
AIGA Philadelphia: Le Meridien Philadelphia Showcases Design (9/11/13)
Knight Arts: More Art and Design from the Halls of Le Meridien (10/29/13)

Da Vinci Art Alliance
DoNArTNeWs: MEDIUM (7/9/14)
Knight Arts: Da Vinci Art Alliance Turns Up the Heat (8/19/14)
FringeArts Philadelphia Presents Krie Alden Press Release (8/14/14)
With Art Philadelphia: Top Picks for September (Krie Alden, FringeArts, 9/2/13)
Phindie: Untitled: What You See, Or What Do You See, KrieArt (9/8/14)
Daily Gazette: Art Through Dialog: Krie Alden Let's Her Audience Speak (9/30/14)
City Paper: November Art Bites: Philly's VIsual Art Worth Seeing (Mike Pavol, 11/7/14)
Knight Arts: Mike Pavol is both adept and inquisitive in his vision of painting (11/18/14)
WHYY Entertainment Guide: Open Lens Photography Exhibition at Da VInci Art Alliance (2/4/15)
The Photo Review Newsletter, February/March 2015: Around and About (Open Lens) #PhillyFive Things to Do (Third Thursday Salon, 2/19/15)

AIGA Philadelphia Opens New SPACE Press Release (3/23/12)
Philly Ad Club: AIGA partnerships with Bluecadet, Center for Architecture and Design (9/18/17)
Philly Voice: Exhibit highlights book cover designs by female artists (3/1/17)
City Paper: Last Chance to See “Wordplay” at AIGA (7/26/12)
Knight Arts: Elemental Interpretations at AIGA Philadelphia (11/6/12)
AIGA Philadelphia Hosts Speakeasy Soiree & Silent Auction Press Release (11/16/12)
With Art Philadelphia: Top Picks for December (Speakeasy, 12/3/12)
InLiquid: AIGA – Making SPACE in Philadelphia (interview, 7/26/13)
The Artblog: News: AIGA Philly SPACE Pop-Up Shop (12/20/13)
The Culture Trip: Philadelphia's 10 Stunning Contemporary Art Galleries (3/7/14)
Sound Portrait: First Friday (4/16/14)
City Paper: First Friday to-do: #phillytype (6/5/14)

Philadelphia Egotist: Hamilton Wood Type at AIGA Philadelphia (10/10/14) March First Friday Picks (PageMaker, 3/5/15)
Philly Tech Week: TO & FROM: designing the urban commuter experience (4/23/15)
Philly Voice: April First Friday Picks (TO & FROM, 4/3/15)
Temple News: Designer Presents Multidisciplinary Work (NEW NRML, 8/25/15)
Temple Update: Temple Faculty Celebrates First Friday's Hot for Teacher Event (9/8/15)
CFEVA: In the Woods Press Release (10/25/13)
AIGA Philadelphia: Meet the Board, Gaby Heit, Exhibitions
SPACE Past Exhibitions

AIGA SPACE: Graphic & Novel
Philly Voice: Graphic & Novel exhibit treats comics as art (5/19/15)
Geekadelphia: AIGA Philadelphia: Graphic & Novel (4/28/15)
Geekadelphia: Geekend Picks (4/30/15)
Philly Egotist: Graphic & Novel, comic book art (4/28/15)
uwishunu: Top Picks for First Friday (4/30/15)
Bleeding Cool: Things to do in Philadelphia in May if you like comics (4/25/15)
City Paper: 5 things to check out this First Friday in Philly (5/1/15)

Global Philadelphia: Philly Tech Week: AIGA Philadelphia Presents "Animate" (4/17/14)
City Paper:AIGA wants your animated gifs (2/11/14)
Geekadelphia: Animate! Exhibition @ AIGA Philadelphia SPACE (3/27/14)
Philly Tech Week: Animate Exhibit (4/4/14)
Art Attack: FIrst Friday Roundup, April (Animate, 4/2/14)
DoNArTNeWs: ANIMATE (interview, 4/17/14)

Knight Arts: AIGA Space and a proxy exhibit of QR codes and GIFs (4/24/14)

AIGA SPACE: MAPnificent!
MAPnificent! Artists Use Maps Press Release (1/14/13)
uwishunu: AIGA Philadelphia Presents MAPnificent! Artists Use Maps (1/28/13)
City Paper: First Friday Focus (MAPnificent!, 1/31/13)
Art Attack: MAPnificent Works of Art at AIGA (3/19/13)
My Visual Stimulations: Creative Mapping at the AIGA (4/14/13)

AIGA SPACE: Locals Only
Grub Street: Artists Celebrate the City’s Drinking and Eating Culture in Neon (1/4/13)

With Art Philadelphia: Top Picks for January (Locals Only, 12/31/12) First Friday Recap (Locals Only, 1/4/13)
Knight Arts: AIGA Philly Explores Local Slang and Signage (1/8/13)

Prelude Gallery
Prelude Gallery Opens Offering Emerging Talent Press Release (6/20/11)
The Artblog: Newly Opened Prelude Gallery Highlights Student Artists (8/4/11)
DoNArTNeWs: 20th Street Art Scene (7/30/11)
Campus Philly: Student Submissions at Prelude Gallery (11/16/11)
Knight Arts: Emerging Student Artists at Prelude (8/4/11)
Art + Culture: News: Prelude Gallery (8/28/11)
DoNArTNeWs: Prelude Art Gallery Interview with Gaby Heit (9/17/11)
The Artblog: Artist News: Hayley Tomlinson (12/16/11)
Philadelphia Weekly: My Philadelphia (12/6/11)

Message & Medium
Knight Arts: “Message & Medium” at PhilaMOCA (3/8/12)
City Paper: Miss Docent: Mixing Messages and Media (3/1/12)
Message & Medium: The Interplay of Type and Art

Art In Here PhilaMOCA "Branches" Out in New Exhibit (7/21/11)

UPenn Almanac: Art on Tap to Help (Fire Benefit, 2/1/11)
West Philly Local: Art Show and Sale for Fire Relief Tonight (2/2/11)
Fine Art Photographer Christopher Kontoes Press Release (10/28/10)
The Artblog: Kaleidoscopes, Both Hard-Edged and Organic at Race Street Cafe (7/20/11)
Tackad: Text & Cursive Gesture (8/11/11)