What does the word "BRANCHES" mean to you?

Is it literal?
n. Secondary outgrowths, subdivisions or divergent sections of a main axis or structure.

Is it active?
v. To put forth a branch or branches; to spread by dividing.
v. To come forth as a branch or subdivision; develop or diverge from.

Is it abstract?
n. The limited parts of a larger or more complex unit or system.

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 21, 7-10pm
Exhibiting July 21 & 22

PhilaMOCA (Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art)
531 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Tara Bergey, Valerie Blassey, Richardson Comly, Clawed, Amanda Hamtil, Darin Harbaugh, Gaby Heit, M S Heitler, Karl Jones, Christopher Kontoes, Marco Mahler, Raheli, Ryan Solemio